Bright Green Island Strategy on Bornholm Island

Bright Green Island Strategy on Bornholm Island

Strategies for policy-makers to enhance green innovation under the BGI Strategy for local firms on Bornholm Island

GlobeEdit ( 2014-07-07 )

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In the light of the economic crisis, Bornholm has developed a Bright Green Island Strategy and policy in order to place the island on the world map as green and sustainable. The policy is seen as a driving force for regional development with renewable energy at the forefront and related solutions. Society is facing the need for sustainability, which underlines the importance of green innovation performance in local business. This book intends to reveal two different angles to the demand for green innovation under the BGI Strategy. The first highlights the role of policy in supporting green innovation for local business, together with solutions and alternative models. The second discusses current issues for local firms through highlighting barriers to the integration of green innovation into their activities, and presents case examples of firms which have already applied green innovation. The work concludes that the role of policy is seen as significant in bridging competences of green innovation, in terms of green policy platforms and open-dialogue methods, with an underlying assumption that the majority of firms on the island are not able to do that for themselves.

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Giedre Grizaite

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Development theory and development policy