This book, entitled A Descriptive Grammar of Nigerian (Shuwa) Arabic, has been in the making for over three years. The award of Institutional based research grant - 2017 has enabled us to carry out the research and put our ideas into sustainable perspective resulting in the publishing of this book.The inspiration and desire to write this long awaited book came from our previous research works and a number of articles written on various linguistics aspects of the Schuwa Arabic and other Grammar books on Nigerian Languages. In writing this grammar book, we took three things into consideration. Firstly, the laypersons (Shuwa Arab people), who have no background in linguistics but have interest in the knowledge of the language. Secondly, students of linguistics, who are interested in Semitic languages and who want to acquire a basic knowledge of the language structures in question and thirdly, the expert linguists, who might be interested in the scientific analytical description of the language namely: (i) phonological, (ii) morphological, (iii) syntactic aspects of the Semitic language family in general and that of Shuwa Arabic language in particular.

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Jidda Hassan Juma’a * Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu
Ajid Lawan Saleh * Ibrahim Alhaji Modu
Abba Terab Mustapha * Muhammad Abba Jimme

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