The Price of Retirement

The Price of Retirement

Retire from Job, but Never Retire Your Mind

GlobeEdit ( 2021-05-20 )

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The Price of Retirement is a book I wrote to express my deep thinking and advice on how retirement should be a time set aside in achieving self-actualization, rather than a time of "preparation for death". Being my first book, aside from dissertation and other academic papers, I decided to share some personal stories and experiences on how I was raised by my mum along with different family experiences. I also explained how I became fascinated with the idea of writing this book on retirement to create awareness and close the gap in the literature on retirement, change the existing paradigm, and contribute to the debate on retirement. I wrote about the paradigm of old age versus other diseases that kill, how to prepare for retirement and life-long learning as the framework or tool in overcoming the boredom in life at retirement. The Price of Retirement was used to present retirement as a time to realign your personal goals and family goals to achieve the heart desire you once had as a child or an adult. Retirement is a time you should realize that you still have above 50% of your life to live on planet earth as well as the positive impact you have to create for the generation next!

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