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Towards a better world

Towards a better world

Tourism, Pandemics, Climate Emergency and Human Rights

GlobeEdit ( 2020-12-17 )

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The preparation of the book Towards a Better World, Tourism. Pandemics, Climate Emergency and Human Rights, took place between March 11 and December 1, 2020, is organized into three chapters: Chapter I Global Education (three articles); Chapter II COVID 19 Pandemic Implications for Physical and Mental Health and the Economic, Social and Cultural Crisis (five articles); Chapter III Climate Emergency, Pandemic, Tourism, Human Rights and Peace (seven articles). The photo on the cover, on the Ria Formosa , in Faro, Algarve, over the Atlantic Ocean, unites three continents, Africa, America and Europe. The target audience for this book is comprehensive and takes a holistic, inter/transdisciplinary, complex and ecological paradigmatic approach. This work is aimed at teachers, researchers, students, professionals in the fields of health, the environment, tourism, ethics and human rights and peace.It is a collective book written by sixteen authors from various countries, consisting of professors, doctors, pharmacists, economists, sociologists, ecologists and tourism studies academics. Coord: João Viegas Fernandes and Filomena Maurício Fernandes

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João Viegas Fernandes
Filomena Maurício Fernandes

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